Kempi's new Character Bio Photo


Social Media Influencer…
Kempi’s audience is attracted to her humor and good looks, not necessarily her charm; she doesn’t really have any! She is the sex third member of the cast.
Stoner Joe the Bunny Chracter bio picture

Stoner Joe the Bunny

Porn Star (in His own Mind)…
The title character of his own series, Joe is a bunny rabbit who’s love for getting stoned, somehow always leads him into trouble.
The Nameless Character's Father's Character description photo

The Nameless Character’s Father

Union Worker....
The Fifth member of the cast, he is the ultra conservative 1950s father of The Nameless Character.
Nick Character Bio Photo


Cannabis Club Owner…
Third in the cast, Nick is the kindhearted oaf whole just trying to do the best he can for himself, and the cannabis club he owns and operates its Kempi.
The Nameless Character Character bio picture

The Nameless Character

Fourth in the cast, very curious and goofy, he has a tendency of encountering the other characters at appropriately random times.
Kyle (Adult) character bio photo

Kyle (Adult)

The Token Gay Guy...
Well, he’s the fake former version of Kempi, who is only around when it’s necessary, or when it embarrasses Kempi. But, he’s usually used for whatever joke works the best in the moment, or what will confuse Kempi the most. Oh…Did we also mention that he’s the eighth member of the cast, and that he’s gay in 2022?


Founder of Cannabis Connections Dating App
A sweet-hearted lady who started the “Cannabis Connections” app, a good thing to come out of ANY of the Scooby Gang members. She is the founder, owner, and CEO of the Cannabis Connections pot-shop, The name Nick and Kempi took from her one night when she wasn't looking. After going on many failed dates, she's been on the lookout to find the “perfect bud” for herself and for others. and thus Cannabis Connections was born.
Daytrippers Character Description pic

The Daytrippers

Two Illegal Aliens ( Not Form Earth)....
Bud and Smokey
Two aliens from the planet between Venus and Earth, who were born addicted to pot, but have never actually tried it, do to their planet not having the conditions necessary to grow it, who have now made their way into becoming the tenth and eleventh members of the CannaBiz cast.
Character Description Bio pic for Young Kyle

Young Kyle

Not out of the closet yet, Gay Guy ...
Well, like his adult counterpart…he’s the fake former version of kempi, but like…as a kid. Used mostly to serve the best joke, or to confuse the hell out of Kempi…and the readers. He is the ninth member of the cast.


A lovable, dependable person who is always there for her co-workers, who she sees as family, 'cause if she's not seeing them as family, well....she; seeing something.


The most lovable loyal dog. He is nick's best friend.


The sun is always shining out for her,even at night, except for those days when the black clouds won't leave her alone. She is the gullible yet lovable senior member of the Scooby Gang.


He is a soft-spoken, absent-minded slacker misfit in school, who never really fit in, till he met Nick and Kempi, and they introduced him to the rest of the Scooby Gang. He is always trying to help his fellow gang members as much as he can, but who knows how much that really is?
Christopher Blue


The Artist..
Drawing, ever since I could remember holding a pencil...eventually leading to that pointless nuisance they call art school, where I became a graduate with a degree in everything I loved: Design, Animation, writing...and smoking massive amounts of weed, which...if I’m being honesty, is really the only thing I ever did, during the eight years I was there. Unfortunately, the first three were my downfall, as they don’t teach you how to be creative at art school, which I found a little queer, but I get it...but I don’t. It is also, most likely, why I struggled for the next fifteen years, only to come out of those fifteen years to find out just how well that creative part pays you. That's why I have a business partner now. I just let him pay for everything. But, it’s like...I WILL give you all some advice, just become a Plumber or something instead. Less stress, AND the pay is WAY better, at least for the first ten years...give or take, this...after years of life basically telling me, it’s either your thing or...well just fuck off! So when I met my business partner I felt like all those crazy voices in my head were finally being, I don't know...validated. Those annoying years of abuse from Miss. Life herself, My high school prom date. She always told me I had a head that was way too big for my body, oh and that my work wasn't very good, either. Well...where's my prom date now, and where's stoner Joe, and the rest of this CannaBiz thing that I created? Ya know...I think I'm about to become an icon or something! That is...of a new genre, that I guess I pretty much had to create out of necessity.
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