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CannaBiz Comics is a comedy, smoking and lifestyle brand built around regularly released comics, spin-off online and social media content, and tie-in products. Through hilarious stories, entertaining features, and functional lifestyle products that are centered around the characters personalities and their world that is the CannaBiz Comics brand, they will begin to cultivate and grow a deeper connection with their audience as they join their favorite characters in becoming a part of this CannaBiz world.

Meet The Team

Nick Kriaris

C.E.O and Industry Leader

I possess an extensive background in the cannabis industry, from development and production to marketing and sales. When Prop 203 (the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act) was passed in 2010, I led one of the first companies to take advantage of the opportunity, rapidly converting my passion for medicinal CBD products into a highly successful business.

I offer considerable skills in business development, executive consulting, competitive positioning, outreach, advocacy, and operations leadership. My extensive experience in facilitating adherence to quality, safety, and regulatory criteria, as well as sound knowledge of cannabis production technologies will prove to be an immediate benefit to your company. To complement these qualifications, I am highly regarded for my presentation, planning, managerial, and negotiating skills.

As an integral member of our team, you will find that I am well-positioned to deliver immediate and long-term results, with a commitment to supporting  the team, but exceeding our goals. I am eager to discuss how my qualifications and future needs, and look forward to working with you in the near future.


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Christopher Blue


The name’ s Blue, and I’m a certified graduate of  the Art Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in animation, graphic and commercial design, as well as creative writing. I don’t really like to tell people this, as it makes me seem more accomplished if  they think I’m one of those self taught artist. But, ever since I can remember, I guess I’d say about the age of 3 or 4, I’ve basically been an anxiety filled ball of creativity, with ideas coming at me a million miles per second. Because of this, I have spent my life trying to achieve this goal. Spending years working as a freelance artist and designer for a variety of individuals, companies, and universities, simultaneously developing the skills necessary to get everything I can out of what I have always wanted for my life, this weird, oddly specific thing that I wanted out of life. But, through humor and the art of storytelling I have spent years creating this world, and developing these characters and their world, as part of the CannaBiz Comics brand, that I have developed with my business partner Nick Kriaris, whose has become an integral part of achieving this goal.


Christopher Blue


Founder of Cannabis Connections Dating

A sweet-hearted lady who started the “Cannabis Connections” app, a good thing to come out of ANY of the Scooby Gang members. She is the founder, owner, and CEO of the Cannabis Connections pot-shop, The name Nick and Kempi took from her one night when she wasn't looking. After going on many failed dates, she's been on the lookout to find the “perfect bud” for herself and for others. and thus Cannabis Connections was born. Kate is the Director of Remembering Ruth Kriaris Charity.


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